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In today’s interdependent world market, having “soft skills” is no longer optional. They are mandatory. For any organization competing in a global market, the baseline experience is often challenging mandates combined with limited resources.

Because of this, most organizations share some similar goals: 

  • To grow revenue
  • To maximize effectiveness
  • To create an empowering and courageous culture of leaders who can support and motivate their people in various silo'd and/or competing departments
  • To make the necessary decisions and move forward powerfully in complex scenarios with competing priorities

However, what this looks like and which strategies will be most effective in each individual culture will differ organization to organization and industry to industry. 


You consider your organization unique and innovative.

Why choose a leadership development program that isn't?


What Christine Sachs Coaching can provide is a truly customized leadership development program. Our leadership model is oriented to: 

  • Leaders who are authentic, adaptive, responsible, and responsive
  • Communication is focused on influence rather than orders
  • Innovation is a way of being, not just a doing
  • Leaders who model the kinds of teams they want to create
  • A legacy of sustainable processes that outlive our time with our clients



Christine Sachs Coaching can deliver leadership development in the following ways:

  • Executive 1-1 coaching
  • Group/team coaching
  • Skills workshops (Training-oriented with coaching as a secondary component)
  • Customized 360 creation, delivery, and analysis
  • A full-service combination of the items listed above in conjunction with pre-existing leadership training within the organization